To improve organizational results and culture, a necessary  first step is an assessment of executive team dynamics and communication. 

We help improve:

•  Leadership team communication

• ​​ Executive selection

   -  Leadership team members
-  Assist Boards with executive


•  Employee & professional

   -  Satisfaction surveys
   -  Communication/clarity/feedback
•  Performance management

Do results

and morale lag

behind your expectations? Look first at the skills and behavior of leaders.

Leaders benefit
​when they invest

in a structured
​approach to improving their​​​​​​ skills and their satisfaction.

​Leadership coaching programs: 

Customized to fit the needs and goals

of the client

•  Phone or in-person sessions
•  Sessions arranged 2 - 4 times/month
•  A clear structure
   -  introductions and agreements
   -  assessment and feedback
   -  establishing goals and a coaching

   -  coaching to the plan
•  6 and 9 month plans
•  Use of assessments like Myers-Briggs,

   Firo-B, and 360 surveys

Also available:

•  360 feedback interviews to inform the

   coaching goals
•  Peer group coaching  (an accountability

•  Debriefs with client and client’s boss or


Create a culture aligned around quality care and caring service. For everyone’s benefit--

especially your patients' benefit.

•  Attract excellent physicians,

   administrators, and staff
•  Choose excellent leaders
•  Develop a collaborative,

   effective leadership team

•  Use physician satisfaction

   surveys to build morale

•  Use evidence-based leadership

   that honors high performers

•  Extinguish toxic behavior

Watch everything and everyone get better-- including reputation and results.

Women's Leadership Programs

Accelerate women’s careers and elevate diverse voices  

​•  Organizations have better cultures            and better business outcomes when        more women lead.
• Invest in executive coaching to 

   develop your talent and the talent in 

   your organization.
• Workshops and multi-day programs

   build strategies for sponsorship,

   confidence, influence, and 


Gender Disparities Video

Strategies to address gender bias

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