Nabil Chehade, MD, MSBS
Senior Vice President Population Health

The MetroHealth System​​​

I've had the pleasure of working with Patty Fahy over many years on a variety of mission-critical initiatives including executive team restructuring and coaching, and consulting with our Board of Directors on a variety of human resources and organizational development issues.  She has extraordinary insight into human behavior and is able to make quick connections to help people navigate through complex situations. There has been a long-term ROI on the work she has done.   

Ishwari Venkataraman
Vice President, Strategy and Business Planning
Alameda Health System

Patty and Lynn brought strong facilitation and team building principles to our executive team strategic planning retreat. Their insights on team dynamics and their nuanced and thoughtful facilitation - laced with humor - were invaluable to the successful outcomes we achieved.

Brooks Moore, MD

Assistant Medical Director Emergency Medicine

Grady Health System

I've had plenty of experiences with leadership training in the past, but Patty and Lynn were the first instructors that helped me connect emotionally to the material.  Through their instruction, I learned how to communicate in a way that both utilizes my strengths and recognizes the differences in the ways we listen.  I feel like I have a much better framework to solve disputes and to engage my staff.

Nanette Santoro, MD
Professor and E Stewart Taylor Chair

of Obstetrics and Gynecology

University of Colorado at Denver​​​

As a department chair I needed a place to turn for assistance with one of my most critical departments.  Patty and Lynn swept in, and in 4 sessions, they worked with the group to identify its mission and values, select an interim leadership team, rebuild relationships based on trust and respect, and improve performance.  The initial results were surprisingly quick, and they have been sustained.  Patty and Lynn gave us the insight we needed, and backed it up with some tough love at key moments to keep everyone on track.  Once the lessons were learned, the group was given the tools it needed to maintain momentum.

Kathleen Whyte, MS
Senior Director for Community Relations
New York City Health + Hospitals​​​

In my first experience coaching with Lynn, it felt good to have someone listen to me, hear my internal struggles, and to help me figure out who I am.  As a result , I felt inspired, more confident and less defensive, which I think helped me to engage and open up more.

Jack Cochran, MD
Executive Director
The Permanente F
ederation, LLC​ Kaiser Permanente (retired)​​​

The "alpha" change agent from Colorado. Patty is the most courageous physician leader I have ever known. She took on difficult issues and conversations as a full time clinician. She was defiantly true to the needs of her patients. She was the first addition to my team and she engineered the human resources component of our work, which was by far the most important. Patty was revered as a physician, but she "wrote the book" on human resources leadership by physicians. Patty was a constant confidant and teacher to me and is smart, honest, courageous, and principled. A unique part of the Colorado story.

Sharon Eshima
President / COO
Real Capital Solutions​​​

We had the pleasure of working with Patty Fahy & Lynn Elliott as consultants to help facilitate and create our company mission, vision and core values statements.

They brought a breadth of knowledge, experience and creativity to the process, as well as the ability to relate and communicate to everyone at all levels effectively.

In the end, we were very pleased with the final product, and would definitely work with them again in the future.

Sal Sbranti
VP Operations

USS/POSCO Industries (retired)​​​

Over the years, I asked Patty's advice on how to approach a number of change management and executive team interaction issues that I was dealing with.  She always gave excellent advice and followed up with content on how best to do something. 

Her ability to interact positively with people and still work on the hard issues sets her apart from a number of other consultants that I have dealt with.  I wholeheartedly recommend Patty as an executive coach or a change management consultant.      

Chad Cook, DO
Associate Medical Director
Acute Care Services

HealthSpan Physicians​​​

It is a rare gift to know someone who can teach you something every time you interact.  I never miss an opportunity to talk with Patty;

I learn something about myself every time. 

To be coached by Patty is to be known.

Fahy Consulting LLC | Longmont, Colorado