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Dr. Patty Fahy and Lynn Elliott are experienced teachers and speakers who get the audience participating, thinking, and laughing.  They speak nationally on a variety of topics including:​

Performance Management: ​A Gift to Your High Performers

Clarity, feedback, recognition, and discipline


Toxic Personalities: A Road to Organizational Ruin

Physician Career: Critical Asset, Critical Condition


Hijack Your Own Amygdala!: 

Leaders must manage their own emotions in order to harness the emotions of others in a productive way. Understanding how stress affects the brain helps leaders protect their people from toxic emotions in the workplace. Leaders learn how to keep their own (and others') delicate computer-- the prefrontal cortex-- functioning at its best. 


Ask, Don't Tell: Feedback That Will Help, Not Hurt

We increase effectiveness and solve workplace problems when we give feedback that makes people care, not cringe. Learn and use 3 coaching concepts that are effective and build relationships.


Culture Matters: What's in YOUR Petri dish?

Neuroscience provides a fascinating lens to look at how leaders create great business cultures. We will explore the linkage between engagement and brain science. 

CARB Video

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Workplace Culture

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